Leistungen Dr. Daniela Chkrodova

Scope of services

We treat the full range of orthopaedic diseases

Spinal column full body concept

Complete diagnosis of posture and movement, therapy

  • 4D spinal column measurement – contactless, without X-rays
  • Muscular function diagnostics
  • Biomechanical diagnostics
  • Craniomandibular disorder
  • Foot pressure analysis
  • Sensorimotor insol es - MEDREFLEX X

Outpatient and inpatient pain therapy using conservative and minimally invasive therapeutic procedures in the case of diseases of the spinal column


Conventional therapeutic procedures

  • Nerve blockage
  • Caudal infiltration (sacral blockage)
  • Vertebral joint blockage

Minimally invasive techniques

  • Image-guided CT/US infiltration therapy

  • Thermocoagulation and cryotherapy of the small vertebral joints (facet joint denervation)

  • TEC (tunnelled epidural catheter)


Interspinous mastoid process distraction (X-stop)



Minimally invasive spinal fusion of the lumbar spine from the dorsal (dynamic stabilization)

Hand surgery operations – (CTS, TS trigger finger, ganglion, M. Dupuytren)

Arranging appointments

Arrange an appointment for a consulting hour by dialling

Tel. 089 / 24 21 49 23

Scope of services

  • ESTW – Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Laser therapy

  • Treatment of arthrosis with hyaluronan

  • Manual therapy

  • Osteoporosis therapy

  • Kinesiotape

  • TENS

  • Physical therapy