On the following pages we would like to provide you with a small insight into our field of activity as well as our practice in Munich

Our modern facilities enable us to carry out diagnostics (4D spinal column measurement, muscular function diagnostics, biomechanical diagnostics, foot pressure analysis, ultrasound, MRI on the premises) which corresponds to the latest developments in medical technology. Therapeutically we offer you a wide range of classical as well as alternative therapies through to outpatient or inpatient operations under a local or general anaesthesia in hospital.

The aim of our activity is a therapy which is adapted to the patient’s level of suffering. Prior to surgical therapies we try – wherever still promising – to exploit non-surgical options. In doing so, the important thing for us is, in an open dialogue with you, to identify a therapeutic procedure which has been agreed with you and suits your life-style.

The patient and his well-being should be in our greatest interest.“

We would be happy to make an appointment, provide introductory information or answer questions about various treatment topics at any time by phone.

Dr. Med. Daniela Chkodrova


Dr. med. Daniela Chkodrova

Specialist for Orthopaedicsand Accident Surgery
Maximilianstraße 32
80539 M

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